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Services Offered


  • Desktops

  • Laptops

Storage & Memory

  • DVD R/RW Drives

  • Hard Drives

  • Memory (RAM)

Bare Bone Systems

  • Intel

  • AMD

Fully Customized Systems

  • Gaming

  • Business

  • personal

Networking Commercial and Home Networks

  • LAN

  • WAN

  • MAN


  • Cable

  • DSL

  • Wireless

  • T1 and higher


  • Graphics cards

  • Monitors

Operating systems

  • Microsoft

  • Linux

  • Unix

If you have any questions about our services or prices, give us a call!!! We will explain it.

  • Computer repair and upgrades. This usually means malware removal which we will do for $75.00! This is more than 50% off most other shops in the area. This does include a satisfaction guarantee and 24 hour turn-around-time guarantee.

  • You have to realize that sometimes the malware, if left alone for too long will require a reformat of the hard drive which then requires a complete data back up, system restore, and data reloaded, this is going to cost more, $100.00.

  • We will let you know in advance and explain exactly what needs to be done and an explanation of the total cost... Worse scenario this rarely exceeds $150 which is still cheaper than many to just remove malware.

For a more detail breakdown of prices go to our services page. This site will be updated slowly as I am starting this business, consulting for a couple of businesses, and finishing the last 7 classes to receive my bachelor degree.


  • What do you need?

  • We can setup and maintain servers, desktops and everything that goes with a business local area network. This includes Microsoft, and Linux (Unix) based servers. This includes wired and wireless. Do you need a VPN solutions to allow remote locations to work securely? We deal with the DHCP, DNS, Email services and security.

  • Or do you just need a cost effective service to make sure everything runs like it should?

  • We also help with your web presence... Do you need to host your own servers or host from a hosting company?

  • There are so many questions that need to be asked to decide what is best for you.

  • Give us a call for a free consultation!


Working out of the house right now until I can put together a business plan and find a suitable location to setup.

We do not live in Gainesville, Jacksonville, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Sarasota, Tampa, or even Tallahassee. So why should you pay the extra money? 

Bring what you need fixed to:

329 SE Gregory Glenn

Lake City, FL 32025

Phone: (386) 269-0831

Cell: (386) 365-3736


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